The "Why"

Our Philosophy

On the surface, it appears our program is merely a typical sober living environment where the goal is abstinence from illegal mind and mood altering substances, including alcohol. We can assure you it is not.

Abstinence from drugs and alcohol is a vital requirement however it is a by-product of treating the underlying condition. Without treating this underlying condition, the afflicted person will almost always revert back to their addiction. In the few exceptions, the best they can hope for is a compromised quality of living.

We refer to this underlying condition as a “spiritual malady” defined as an unhealthy, morbid or desperate condition. Another definition would be a feeling of insecurity. Untreated, this condition will always result in an eventual, seemingly willful, act of “relief”. This person appears normal in every other way, yet will eventually execute the insane act of reverting to a known substance or behavior of which, in the past, they know have always brought unfortunate consequence. Sometimes, in their delusion, they will convince themselves that it will be different this time, however as the condition progresses, they become fully aware of the inevitable consequence but has seemingly lost the power of choice. Their current sober state is unbearable. They absolutely need relief and seemingly with complete disregard, will often destroy anything in their path, attempting to conceal the destruction and apathy “only” if it assists in the removal of any obstacle, real or imagined, between them and their drug of choice.

“If you want to get a bone away from a dog, offer him a steak.”

Abstinence alone will not treat the problem. There needs to be a sufficient replacement.
Love draws its motivation and drive from the depths of our human need and natural desire for more love. When this deep awareness of love is experienced, and from then on, the afflicted person will be acutely aware that with the presence of love is the only real security a human being can experience. He or she will then know an awareness of a Power that is beyond intellectual description yet will always be accompanied with an uncontrollable desire to share it with others who appear to be similarly afflicted.

This new found awareness brings security, peace, harmony and freedom. It will be in the form of a “certainty” that he/she is going to be okay, eternally, regardless of their current state and regardless of their eventual and inevitable demise. Once this relief is attained, the temptation for relief in any other form is removed. They have been set free. Provided they share this experience with others, they will stay in this free condition.

Providing an environment which maximizes the opportunity to show our residents how to attain this awareness, subsequently providing a path for them to become “purpose driven” contributing members of society…this is the primary purpose of our program.

Our mission objective while we realize may be unrealistic but nonetheless is for “no return customers.” Provided the client brings the essential element of “willingness,” we would like to provide them with the avenue to achieve the stated goal. We unfortunately cannot do this alone.