The Story

A group of guys all come together with a vision while discussing recovery and the blessings they found in sobriety. Alcoholism and learning to live a life free of alcohol and drugs was the common thread binding these young men together.  It was very apparent that if recovery was going to happen then they all needed to stick together. We had all discovered a recovery program based on spiritual principles and felt we had been given life back. We all knew from that point we would dedicate our lives to helping others experience the same joy. The feelings that was being pursued at a young age and using alcohol and drugs has now been fulfilled by the love that to enters our hearts.

Having a safe place to live and focus on recovery and not worrying about where you are going to lay your head that night is something we all had in common. Once we began to pursue helping others we realized just how many people suffered from a lack of hope. So many people walk the earth facing the same challenges we faced that we knew we could help them if we could only start a sober house of our own.

One day after sharing this vision “all the stars aligned” and a person had said he was also in recovery and would be happy to help these young men start this journey.   Having recovered from this hopeless state of body and mind it was now imperative that it be passed on and by having a purpose driven life. Many gifts have been so freely given to this group that this is just a small portion of repaying that that debt.